Sole Cleaning Machine


Product description

Sole cleaning machine is used a unique new polymer composite materials, adding detergent, disinfectant, direct clean soles, and kill germs. Extremely easy to use, only a few seconds, the sole and side mud or dust pollution shall be polished automatically. Sole cleaning machines are so easy to fix once they are in trouble and not only ensure the health but also limit changing the shoes when customers visit company office or factory.

Equipments in the process of work don’t create any pollution

To help enterprises reducing pollution and wasting of sticky mat, shoe covers, build green and non-polluting production and environment.

  • Easy to use: after using, your shoe soles will be clean.
  • Clean shoe soles hygienically and comfortably by an active brush surface.
  • Material: stainless steel 304.
  • Be able to clean all types of shoe soles.
  • Designed for a long-life time, stable construction.


  1. People enter the radar sensor area, sole cleaning machines work automatically within 3-seconds, After finishing, people leave, sole cleaning machine turn off automaticlly.
  2. Cleaning up litter: Open suction area network board, the pump automatically extracts water.
  3. When completing, rubbish in suction area network board, the pump automatically shut down.

Before and After Using

General Specifications Sole Cleaning Machine
Model OSA - 1500 OSA - 1650 OSA - 2000 OSA - 2850
Size (mm) L1500xW750xH120 L1650xW750xH120 L2000xW750xH120 L2850xW750xH120
Clean zone L470 mm L900 mm L900 mm L1700mm
Dry zone L820 mm L415 mm L820 mm L960 mm
Rotate speed 10m/min
Start way Automatic
Sewage Automatic (sensor)
Manual (switch)
Contruction 1.2mm with powder Coated Cold rolled steel,or,Stainless steel, grade 304
Power Supply 220V/50Hz/AC
Usage: stay 2-4s on clean zone, stay 2-4s on dry zone

* ORAI VN can customize Sole Cleaning Machine's size to suit your application.

Cleanness comparison between Sole clean machine and Stick Mat.